Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Do I have to register my team with ASE/PEB before I can sign up for a tournament?  Yes, beginning in 2015 all teams must register with ASE/PEB before they can sign up for tournaments.

2)  Can I purchase insurance through ASE without registering my team?  No, your team must be registered with ASE/PEB before you can purchase insurance?

3)  When and how do I have to withdraw from a tournament I signed up for so I am not charged or subject to penalties or suspensions?  You must withdraw on Sunday prior to the event for ASE Tournaments and PEB Tournaments.  To withdraw you must log in to the system with the information provided when you registered your team.  Once you have done this there will be a drop down menu asking you to select an option.  Select the option to drop a tournament and then select the appropriate tournament you want to drop.

4)  Can I use my ASE points for a PEB tournament or vice versa?  No, your ASE or PEB points can only be used for that sanctioning bodies World Series.

5)  Can I use a roster from another sanctioning body for a ASE or PEB event?  No, you must have a current roster online with ASE/PEB prior to the first game you play in the tournament or be subject to possible forfeit.

6)  Can a player be on two different rosters at the same tournament?  Yes, but he can only play on one team in the tournament.  The first team he plays for in the tournament  is his legal team for that tournament.

7)  Does a teams uniforms have to match?  No, a teams uniforms do not have to match.  We just need someway to differentiate between players. 

8)  Do you offer team discounts?  Yes, if you sign up 30 days in advance of a tournament you will receive our $25 early bird discount.  If you sign up for and pay for 5 or more tournaments all at one time you can receive $25 off each event.  Please note you must pay in full for all tournaments at time of registration to get this discount. 

9)  Can I get both  discounts?  Yes, if you sign up 30 days prior and for 5 or more events at the same time you will get a $50 discount for each tournament.  ( please note you must pay in full at time you sign up for this discount)

10)  Do you have classifications for your teams?  Yes, D1 (AAA and Major), D2 (A and AA),

11)  What does it cost to register with ASE/PEB?  Free.  Our year runs from the Fall Season through the Summer season.  Each fall when your team moves up  from one age group to the next age group you will have to register your team again with ASE/PEB.

12)  Do you take into account teams traveling in for a tournament when doing scheduling?  Yes, if you will email james@asejustplay.com and let him know where you are traveling in from and what tournament we will allow you time to travel in.

13)  Do you take schedule requests if we have conflicts?  Yes, we will do our very best to work with you on schedule conflict for your pool play games.  Please email james@asejustplay.com Please make sure you have a legitimate conflict before emailing in a request.  Simply just wanting games in the morning, evening, or mid day does not warrant a need for a request.  Abuse of this will result in no requests being allowed.

14)  Can a team play up in a tournament?  Yes, a team may play up in a tournament but, never play down.

15)  Who do I call to find out about rain outs?   Please do not call anyone about weather related delays.  We post all Rain out / Delay information on our Bracket website www.quickscores.com/ase.  Please look at top of page and you will see the area we have dedicated to this.

16)  What if I notice my score has been recorded wrong for a game?  Please make sure prior to leaving the park that your game results have been updated and are correct.  If you feel the score is not correct please find the Tournament Director on duty.  He will be the one that needs to review this and make any possible changes.

17)  Will ASE/PEB play a Sunday only tournament if Saturday was rained out?  Yes, ASE/PEB will look at all option when we have inclement weather.  ASE/PEB will do our best to get you games in for the weekend if we feel their is a reasonable opportunity to do so.  The facilities leased by ASE/PEB have the final call of playability of fields. 

18)  Will I get a refund should a tournament be shortened for any reason?  Yes, if ASE/PEB has to shorten a tournament you will be reimbursed 1/3 of the entry fee for each game shy of 3 you play.  ie if it is a 3 game guarantee and you only play one game you would receive a 2/3 refund.  Please note in the event of a disqualification from the tournament for any reason no refund is issued.

19)  Can I use my ASE insurance and play in another sanctioning bodies tournament?  Yes, the tournament may however request you have them added as additionally insured for their event. 

20)  I have insurance through another sanctioning body.  Can I use that insurance to play in a ASE/PEB event?  Yes, you can, but you must make sure every player you have on your ASE/PEB roster shows up on your roster for the other sanctioning body to ensure coverage of all players.