Mission Statement:  We believe that teams want to simply “JUST PLAY” the game of baseball in its purest form.  While there are certain rules related to player safety that are necessary, as well as different roster rules that enable more player participation, we feel that most teams have grown tired of dealing with stringent roster rules and unnecessary amendments to the general rules of baseball.  The overall classification system is outdated; and, though we still feel it is important for teams to participate against others of a similar level, this can be achieved through other avenues that don’t limit a team’s ability to maintain a roster week after week.

Thank you for your continued support of American Sporting Events and we look forward to seeing everyone throughout the upcoming season and beyond.


$$$$ – Earn points for dollars – $$$$ Each team will be able to turn their points into dollars to be applied towards a FREE entry fee into the ASE World Series each Season!    Continue Reading

Points Leader / Team Center

Check out our new Points Leader / Team Center Page  for more details, standings and all completed tournament game scores!Continue Reading


ASE gave back over $20,000 to our teams in the Summer of 2014!!!Continue Reading

Whats New in 2015

1.  Beginning in 2015 all teams must register ($35) before they can sign up for any tournaments.  The registration fee runs from Fall thru Spring each year.  ie: Teams must register in the Spring 2015 ( $35), then in the Fall 2015 will need to register again. This registration will run them through 2016 SpringContinue Reading

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